How To Paint With Acrylic

Have you been waiting for just the right time to learn to paint?
This particular Free Seagull Painting Tutorial was created for you in mind.

It will give you success in painting and the confidence to try
something more complex later. In this easy to follow lesson,
I will teach you my method from start to finish.
You can complete it in under 2 hours and will learn: 

-how to block in the seagull using a grid
-which colours you’ll need
-what materials you’ll need
-what order to paint in

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To the Free Tutorial:

Acrylic Painting Supplies Mastery

Would you like to be more confident in the paint supplies before you dive into painting your first masterpiece? These 5 Free videos are here to help give you tat confidence on all the following topics:

What Acrylic Paint To Buy
Which Acrylic Paint Brushes To Use
The Best Canvas Type For Acrylic Painting
Painting Palette for Acrylic Painting
What is a Color Wheel

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